The love/hate relationship with social media

How many times I’ve tried to quit social media… and failed. I take breaks. I look in less often… and yet, there it is. Do I stay engaged? There are times when it irritates the living daylights out of me because there is far too much lack of discernment about those I thought to beContinue reading “The love/hate relationship with social media”

An invitation to dialogue here

One of the challenges for Lent this year is “giving up” social media. I need to break myself of this addiction in my life. However, I will still be blogging. And I tie my blog to my Twitter and Facebook accounts so more people have an opportunity to see what I post. I also realizeContinue reading “An invitation to dialogue here”

Facebook wants you to be sad… or angry… or happy…

So, Facebook spent some time manipulating things people saw on Facebook to gauge their reactions… There are far to many random thoughts here to make this post coherent at all. Here we go: Facebook manipulated post feeds to gauge how people would react… Sounds like another day of reading headlines on CNN or Fox NewsContinue reading “Facebook wants you to be sad… or angry… or happy…”

Giving up Facebook

I will be taking a break from Facebook… in a way. I’ll still have the account, but the discipline I need to follow is only connecting my blog, and maybe an occasional Twitter comment, to Facebook. No more Facebook “stalking,” or trying to update my own status. I have hopefully loaded up the pictures fromContinue reading “Giving up Facebook”

My Blockbuster Lament

I will call it a conspiracy theory. It’s the conspiracy to drive all of us to our couches and man-caves, into isolation, and never have to interact face to face again. It is the Blockbuster Conspiracy. You can maybe get current movies on DVD at RedBox, but want to browse for and rent a somewhatContinue reading “My Blockbuster Lament”

Hooked on Facebook and Nothing to Do About It?

Obviously, if you’re on Facebook you’ve probably seen the posts that are spam links taking you to sites you just don’t want to go to. This story gives some details if you’re not on Facebook. Here is the problem, and I face it personally: even in our outrage we probably won’t quit Facebook. It’s theContinue reading “Hooked on Facebook and Nothing to Do About It?”