Giving up Facebook

I will be taking a break from Facebook… in a way. I’ll still have the account, but the discipline I need to follow is only connecting my blog, and maybe an occasional Twitter comment, to Facebook.

No more Facebook “stalking,” or trying to update my own status. I have hopefully loaded up the pictures from the San Francisco trip I wanted to get there, but may add a few to our Heights Church Facebook page.

This came to me last Friday when I was praying at San Francisco City Impact. I found myself weeping without control over my own life. Seeing what City Impact is doing in the Tenderloin of San Francisco is so amazing. When I thought of all we had seen and done in the week, the thought hit me, “Dear God, please don’t let me go back to my humdrum life of updating my Facebook status.”

There is something more the Lord is asking of me in leading my church. I need to pray for what is “next” for us. We are on a great journey in our church, and I want to be the type of pastor that leads by example. More prayer, less “branding.” More study, less “puffing up.” More serving, less “surfing.” My disciplines are lacking, and this is one small way to try and get some order back in my life.

I journaled incessantly during the trip, noting things to evaluate in my own life. Small changes that can add up to big changes. This is one. So it is my hope you will be seeing less of me on Facebook.

My prayer is that I give up my tiny little life of thinking my Facebook conversations are so “great,” and I get back to what is truly great in the service of my King.

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