The love/hate relationship with social media

How many times I’ve tried to quit social media… and failed. I take breaks. I look in less often… and yet, there it is. Do I stay engaged? There are times when it irritates the living daylights out of me because there is far too much lack of discernment about those I thought to be “Christian” and I am too often left with my jaw on the floor.

Yet, there are some things to stay engaged with because there is such a serious lack of discernment. These are wise words:

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An invitation to dialogue here

One of the challenges for Lent this year is “giving up” social media. I need to break myself of this addiction in my life.

However, I will still be blogging. And I tie my blog to my Twitter and Facebook accounts so more people have an opportunity to see what I post.

I also realize it’s way easier to post a comment or “like” (or dislike) something on Facebook, so I want to invite those are interested into a conversation HERE instead. It will take a lot of effort on my part to not check Facebook and Twitter during this fast, but that is my goal. So, if you may happen to comment on something you see, it will hopefully be either from this blog or a verse I tweeted from Biblegateway. I will do my best to NOT see it there…

If you would like to comment on something I post, please visit the blog here and feel free to comment.

Ash Wednesday is coming up and I will be taking my break then.

This is a season of incredible opportunity to hear from God and I need the distractions minimized. But I want to keep sharing the journey with any who happen by this blog. God is up to something GOOD in these days. Let’s take this journey together!

Tweet Tweet

This is one of the spur of the moment whims I am going to regret later…

But you can follow me on Twitter @cdanielthompson.

Tweets and Twits

The world in which we live is so incredibly interesting. I have not used Twitter, and as I’ve observed it to this point it’s so much of a social following, I’ve not been interested. NBA players, NFL players, and their rants just don’t interest me.

I heard on MPR this morning about “tweets per second.” When something huge happens, Twitter follows the activity by how many tweets per second the event is broadcast. It showed me again why I just have very little interest in Twitter.

When Osama bin Laden was caught and killed, the traffic was 5000 hits per second. Huge traffic. Now, to me, that makes sense. That’s literally a world changer.

The event that unseated that was the US – Japan World Cup Final. Again, with Japan overcoming such huge obstacles this year with the tragic tsunami, it was a great human interest story.

But this last week our culture was back to normal. THIS is now the record holder. I love Beyonce. This isn’t a slam on her. It’s just why I don’t use Twitter.

But, I need to go get a cup of coffee now. You can follow me! 😉

Cell Phone Etiquette

I realize how foolish it is to put the words “cell phone” with “etiquette.” It’s like putting “Facebook” or “Twitter” with words like “RESTRAINT.”

Yet, twice in the last several weeks I have had run-ins with cell phones in places I just can’t believe people would take them and actually USE them. Could I offer one word of advice? It won’t go anywhere with you, but just one word:

Could you please NOT use the cell phone in a public bathroom?

It would be understandable if the public bathroom were in, say, the Pentagon. The Pentagon might be a place where there could be a free pass to use the cell phone in a public bathroom when the one on the cell phone in the bathroom is a four star general needing to talk to the President about a nuclear strike. It’s possible the general has been on hold with the President for awhile, and, well, nature called. So, you can’t just hang up with the President while he is consulting other world leaders. So, should I be in the Pentagon and in a public bathroom and hear a four-star general conversing in the next stall and realize he is the only one in there (which would be a relief), then I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing something like, “Well, Mr. President, I think we should stand down on this one.”

So, one exception could be if we are on the brink of nuclear war and you are on the phone counseling the President.

It just COULD be understandable if it were a hospital public restroom. The surgeon needs to take a quick break and he gets a call from surgery. So, maybe if I hear voices coming out of the next stall and the deep male voice is saying something like, “No, that’s the spleen. You’ll need to put that one back. The appendix looks like…” I will certainly understand.

Nuclear war. Major surgery.

But you just holding a conversation with someone about your horrible day because you had to wait in line for some stupid concert ticket? I’m sorry… out of bounds.

It’s quite possible women are not bothered by this at all. Conversation in the public bathroom has been going on for centuries over there, I’m sure. But in the men’s room? Not so much. Thus, it is completely unnerving to go into a restroom, notice that the stall is occupied by one pair of feet, so you take the next stall, and then you start hearing TWO voices out of that first stall.

Gentlemen, could we PLEASE have some space here? Plus, if I happen to be on the phone with you and I hear a flush, I just want you to know ahead of time… I’m hanging up. President or not. Surgeon or not. I’m hanging up. Nuclear destruction can happen. I don’t want to hear your bodily functions in my cell phone.