The exhaustion of white spaces in evangelicalism

Many Black pastors have said, “Thank you so much for writing this book.” Or young Black people who find themselves in evangelical spaces coming out of the Black church said, “There’s finally a book that helps me explain where I come from.”

But it’s different among white people. This is an oversimplification, but the theologically progressive strand of white Christianity is more justice-oriented. As you move toward being more traditional, people tend to link justice with issues of “You don’t care about the Bible.” None of that’s true, but that’s just how white Christians argue. So when I start saying, “I think the Bible speaks to those things,” then certain segments of conservative Christianity get up in arms, and they start calling you a Marxist. Every single Christian of color who is proximate to evangelical spaces gets called everything but a child of God. And that’s just part of the work.

Interview with Esau McCaulley. The whole interview is HERE.

Could we PLEASE learn to listen more and quit exhausting our friends of color?!?!

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