Half a million words

Somewhere in the last few days I noticed I passed 4800 posts since starting this blog back in the dark ages. I think I’ve been at this for 9 years. There are so many other forms of communication and writing that have come and gone since then… and I here I sit.

If I wrote 100 words per post (which is a low average), I’ve written almost half a million words in this time. If the average book today is approximately 80,000 words, that is 6 plus books.

What have I said? How has it gone? What has this process done for me?

I have no idea if it’s impacted anyone else. My ego sure would like to know! All the time in marketing and writing these days (not to mention ministry) it’s all about “platform.” I have long cast that word aside. I have no idea where this writing goes in the universe other than to sit on some server somewhere collecting the digital equivalent of dust.

This is the question I carry with me: What has this process done for me? What has gone on in my life in these 9 plus years? What have I developed in my thinking? Where have I regressed? This is something that is “public” even if 3 people read it.

Where have my thoughts taken me? What has gone on emotionally? What has been my “process” in these changes?

All of it is out there. I understand it has impacted some folks. I hear feedback on occasion.

But the deeper question for this medium and my choice to keep at it is this: What has gone on in me?

What have I learned? HOW have I learned?

Have I grown? Have I deepened my walk with Christ?

What has happened in me in these years?

I look back over this post and realize once again that most of my sentences are questions. How fitting. That has marked my life. I live with a question mark over my brain all the time and this is how I most often write. I ask questions. I explore. I attempt to learn and grow.

On to the next half million words!

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