For those in the back who still don’t understand systemic racism

In the past five years, and I fully understand what that represents in time and certain people that will go nameless, we’ve seen an unleashing of spiritual destruction. Decay is not strong enough as a description. The utter rottenness of white conservative Christianity has been exposed over and over. Instead of repenting, there has been a constant doubling down of Christian Nationalism, racism, and misogyny.

There is no better “Exhibit A” right now that the Southern Baptist Convention. (This is the denomination that had Beth Moore, the very popular Bible teacher and conference speaker but ran her out.) This is the same group that had Russell Moore as the head of their ethics and policy arm until recently. In recent years the ERLC, under Russell Moore’s leadership, had called out the misconduct of SBC pastors in sexual harassment cases and also tried to lead the SBC into understanding systemic racism. (That is an uphill battle in a denomination built on being pro-slavery before the Civil War.)

In a letter to that board (the ERLC) that has come out, Russell Moore (not related to Beth Moore) detailed some pretty devastating actions by Southern Baptists. It is simply a doubling down on the deep sin within the conservative American church and it well represented in these excerpts:


More on this story HERE.

So, for those of you who think I focus on “race” too much… and those who can’t understand SYSTEMIC RACISM… this will sit as yet another example of the spiritual destruction existing in “gospel” organizations.

Russell D. Moore - Wikipedia
Russell Moore

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