A step back from the brink?

This week was a whirlwind of activity with the SBC annual meeting in Nashville and a narrow “win” for the leadership of SBC going to the least offensive candidate. (He is actually a good man and I am familiar with his work in racial justice in the Mobile area.) It was a tense week watchingContinue reading “A step back from the brink?”

Could hardness of heart be on full display this week?

Over the past few years I have taught on and laid out some thoughts on the subject I call “Living in Babylon.” Over the past few years there has been a testing of what I have called “culturalized Christianity.” If this is something that is new to you, I suggest looking at my podcast pageContinue reading “Could hardness of heart be on full display this week?”

For those in the back who still don’t understand systemic racism

In the past five years, and I fully understand what that represents in time and certain people that will go nameless, we’ve seen an unleashing of spiritual destruction. Decay is not strong enough as a description. The utter rottenness of white conservative Christianity has been exposed over and over. Instead of repenting, there has beenContinue reading “For those in the back who still don’t understand systemic racism”

The reckoning we don’t recognize

Earlier this week, I gave some links to issues regarding black brothers and sisters leaving white evangelical spaces. Now, the Southern Baptists are losing Beth Moore. (I am sure many them think this is a GLAD moment for them.) Her departure is “tectonic in its reverberations,” said Jemar Tisby, the president of a Black ChristianContinue reading “The reckoning we don’t recognize”

Lifeway Bookstores and the NIV2011

Last year the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution asking Lifeway Bookstores to quit selling the NIV2011. (Something about liberal commie pinkos or something like that.) Thankfully, Lifeway has decided to keep the NIV2011. I won’t shop at Lifeway any more than I already do (which is never), but I’m glad to hear they haveContinue reading “Lifeway Bookstores and the NIV2011”

The CBT Responds to the Southern Baptists

The Committee on Bible Translation responded a few weeks back to the Southern Baptist resolution “banning” the use of the NIV: A brief response from the Committee on Bible Translation to the resolution introduced on the floor of the Southern Baptist Convention regarding the updated New International Version June 15, 2011 The Committee on BibleContinue reading “The CBT Responds to the Southern Baptists”