The resistance is US

I’ve heard white people say, “All the media does is hype up police shootings” or “hype up racism.”

What we’re really saying is this: “I’m tired of being confronted in my comfort. I did the ‘race thing’ last summer. I read a book… or two. Why do THEY have to keep hyping this?”

The resistance… is US. WE are tired. WE don’t want to talk about the pain of other people. WE think things are going well.

I put the quote up from Esau McCaulley because he is truly one of the good guys. He has written about these issues. He has explained over and over again what the deal really is and how we, as whites, are just waking up to something African Americans deal with day in and day out year after year… and we have worn out a good man like Esau McCaulley.

We, as whites, are griping our way back into comfort… not even realizing all of this is the activity of the Holy Spirit trying to wake us up.

We steadfastly refuse. WE resist.

As white believers, we hype up church, but we can’t see justice.

As white believers, we hype up prayer, but we don’t “do lament.” Or repentance.

As white believers, we believe things are getting better as we shut off all sources that would shout to us something different than the storyline we like to have.

As white believers, we are deaf. We can wake up. We refuse.

Justice and issues like racism aren’t six week book studies. It is a lifetime of grinding it out. And we are unwilling to grind it out with our brothers and sisters.

George Floyd
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery
Duante Wright
Adam Toledo

On and on.

How long, O Lord?

2 thoughts on “The resistance is US

  1. Word.

    Just so discouraged that we are still here. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be a person of color like Esau and having to deal with this.

    Why must we (white people) keep trying to tell people of color what their experience is, rather than just listen. We don’t know everything. Heck, we know very little.

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