The weekend wrap up

Thoughts for the week ahead:

The interview with Peter Wehner in the second half of this podcast is a great analysis of where white evangelicals are politically. It’s a tough spot (not to spoil anything).

While it would be great to think white evangelicals are waking up to the political poison pill they’ve swallowed… well, hold on to that thought. It seems we just continue to double down.

While we’ve learned nothing about the poison of political power… we’ve learned even less when it comes to systemic racism and misogyny. And the SBC is always ready to step up as Exhibit A.

Yet, there is hope. There is a hunger to learn more and find Christ in the Church… yes… the Church… and even in America. I interviewed author Traci Rhoades about her journey in discovering the beauty of the Church. It was a life-giving interview for me. You can buy her book HERE.

The American conservative church is going to keep going through this pruning and cleansing. We haven’t paid attention, but that doesn’t mean God will leave us at that. There is a spiritual Babylon for the American Church and that is not all bad news. We need the road to Babylon to pay attention and wake up. In that experience we will find a faithful remnant that loves Jesus and loves his world and seeks the peace and welfare of the world in which we live. That will be a glorious day.

shallow focus photography of pencil on book
Photo Credit: Jan Kahánek, Unsplash

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