Year end thoughts

For the first time in years I have kept a paper calendar (more as a diary) consistently. I let it be a place I recorded what I did rather than things to do. So, I took a look back.

What had started out so promising…

The Minnesota Gophers were IN a New Year’s Day bowl, then BEAT Auburn, much to the chagrin of one of my buddies here in Alabama. He was away on a short vacation, so we were texting back and forth during the first half of the game. He quit responding in the second half… How sweet it was.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl, which they hadn’t even been to in 50 years.

I am confident my Kansas Jayhawks were ready to roll into the tournament with a great chance at winning the national basketball championship for the first time since 2008.

Then… COVID.

Then… Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor…

Then… two hurricanes in our area…

Then… a national election…

So much more, but as I reflect on 2020, there are things I am honestly amazed at with our response to all this as a nation.

First, I am thankful AND amazed at the speed with which a vaccine was produced. It is truly amazing to see this.

Second, on a personal note, I am amazed at the things I’ve been able to witness in nature in my lifetime:

— Halley’s Comet (1986) which comes around every 76 years.
— Hale Bopp Comet (1996-97) which comes around every 2500 years or so.
— The “Christmas Star” event this year, which happens about every 800 years.

All three of those events in my lifetime. For me, that’s a real treat.

Third… there is the “and yet”…

AND YET… we so badly mishandled the Coronavirus in response we lost over 300,000 lives in the process.

AND YET… while we could concentrate and bear down to bring a vaccine to the market, we stall and stall on the deepest issue of our nation: RACISM.

We are so capable… and so inept… all at once.

That is our human condition.

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