The long work ahead

Two days after the election. We await final vote tallies.

In the waiting, is it possible we might, as believers, do some evaluating?

The nation is deeply divided… and so is the American Church. We need the work of the Holy Spirit to plow our hard hearts and lead us to a place of Kingdom power once again.

Some hard thoughts from some solid Christian thinkers this morning:

Racism is a cultural sin that runs deep. In the case of white persons, racism plays on deep fears that white persons have that they are going to lose their privilege.

This was from David Fitch. His full thoughts HERE.

And this from Dante Stewart:

In America, too many white Christians say the solution to racism is public acts of prayer and unity while they simultaneously deny the enduring power of white supremacy and their complicity in it. As recently as last month, a high-profile Southern Baptist seminary decided to offer $5 million of their $89.7 million endowment to scholarships for Black students while holding on to the racist narrative, legacy, and structure of their slaveholding founders. As Joseph Gerth in the Louisville Courier Journal points out, pollster Robert P. Jones calls this “the White Christian Shuffle” — white Christians publicly engage in acts of charity while simultaneously holding on to the white supremacist rot that lays at the foundation.

More from Stewart HERE.

This election solves nothing. For culturalized Christians, a “Trump win” may signify a return to “godly roots.” It does not. For Biden supporters, a Biden win may signify a return to normalcy. It does not.

This tight of a race demonstrates a deeply divided nation… and the American Church has not been helpful in this process.

The work ahead is hard. We have been hard-hearted and spiritually blind. It is long past time to wake up.

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