On election day…

It’s a nervous day. I’m a political junkie. From the time the first polls close, I’m pretty much glued to the TV. This will be a night I need to go to bed at a normal hour because I don’t think this is going to be called tonight, especially with nearly 100 million ballots being cast early.


I am reminded that AFTER this election day… no matter WHO is elected president… there is a tremendous amount of work to do.

And that work is among the American Church.

Observe two pastors on Twitter.

The first one is white and is responding to a black pastor who will not be voting for the Republican candidate:

And the response of the black pastor:

An election won’t cure spiritual blindness. It won’t cure spiritual laziness.

On this election day… we STILL need lamenting in the House of God.

One thought on “On election day…

  1. Hi, Deacon Dan:
    CNN editorial comments I’ve read this evening discuss how fragmented America is; how it will be nearly impossible for Biden, if he wins, to do anything….and the lament that this election should not have been this close. Then I read above your posting of this white pastor’s twit. It is so infuriating…..the condescension on his part, the arrogance is so bittering that you can almost taste it. I just don’t get white christians voting for Trump and NOT holding him accountable. I just can’t wrap my head around it. Meanwhile, we still need to live our lives, and try to get ahead, or at least not lose what we’ve gained, no? Warm regards from MN [Where we are enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer]

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