The moments we should have… and feel GOOD about

In 2008, I will easily confess I did not vote for Barack Obama. Yet, when he was elected, there was something that settled well in my spirit. Not about policy, but about symbols. It didn’t solve anything deep… but WOW! We had finally elected a black man to be president. In that moment, I trulyContinue reading “The moments we should have… and feel GOOD about”

The election is near! And I’m happily politically homeless

More and more, thoughtful (mainly young) Christians say to me, “I’m pro-life, I believe in religious freedom and free speech, I think we should welcome immigrants and refugees, and I desperately want racial reconciliation. Where do I fit in?” The answer is clear. Nowhere. David French wrote this in his longer piece found HERE.

This election and our anger

This election need not divide us, especially as the people of God. As believers, we should not cave to fear tactics (though we do almost every election cycle). As David French puts it, we need to take the deep breath before this plunge. Given that we know who controls the destiny of our nation andContinue reading “This election and our anger”

Politics and exhaustion

“People in the exhausted camp are tired of having politics thrust in their face every hour. As Ryan Streeter of the American Enterprise Institute has found, young people who are “lonely at least once in a while” are more than seven times more likely to be active in politics than those who are socially active.Continue reading “Politics and exhaustion”