Rioters and protestors and vandals… OH MY!

The language is already being changed… so here we go (again).

Everyone who wants nice clean lines to play and color in have ceased distinguishing between “rioters” and “protesters.” It’s so much easier with nice neat categories to say “rioters.” You know… looters… thugs… etc.


You… the same people who post things that fit your echo chamber and say things like “What the media doesn’t show you…” Listen up.

Here is what you’re ignoring… and I will say it: you are missing it WILLFULLY:

The rioting isn’t nearly as pervasive as you want to believe. AND… what you are choosing to ignore… protests are still going on daily. Peacefully. Hundreds of them. Every. Day.

WHAAAAT? Haven’t heard?

No… you haven’t listened. So… I will call it out.

Stop using “rioters.” You only want your nice neat categories. Protests are still going on because there is still work to do.

Let’s review:

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers: Arrested. No other action as now things head to trial.

George Floyd’s killers: Four are charged. Two are sitting in jail. Two are out on bail.

Breonna Taylor’s killers: One has been fired from the police department. No arrests.

Are you getting the picture? Until things are moving forward, there is a need to keep these things in front of people.

Also… the Minnesota Legislature met let week to work on legislation on policing. The results? NOTHING. Not one bill put up for a vote. They went home.

Are you getting the picture?

Did rioting and looting happen? Yes.

Is protesting still going on? Yes.

They are two different things.

Please… PLEASE… quit settling for nice and neat categories that keep you comfortable. PLEASE join in and walk toward true justice for these folks.

Drive for Justice for George Floyd - Lancaster Stands Up

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