Rioters and protestors and vandals… OH MY!

The language is already being changed… so here we go (again).

Everyone who wants nice clean lines to play and color in have ceased distinguishing between “rioters” and “protesters.” It’s so much easier with nice neat categories to say “rioters.” You know… looters… thugs… etc.


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Silence isn’t an option

A couple of weeks ago I was able to interview Marlena Graves and Dennis Edwards after the murder of Ahmaud Arbery was exposed by a leaked video. It was a necessary conversation on race and racism and the reaction of the white believers.

Both of my guests are powerful communicators. Dennis has a piece posted on Christianity Today’s site concerning the latest upheaval in Minneapolis and the issues we really must deal with in this time.

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For the white American church… it’s time

“The white evangelical church has a long and lamentable history of silence when African Americans are under attack. Wouldn’t this be the right time to stand with the African American community and say these senseless killings have got to stop? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to expand your abortion views and resources to include the value of life AFTER birth?”

More… WAY more… is HERE.

DO “Black Lives Matter?” A reprise

TRIGGER WARNING: (As if you weren’t already warned in the title of the post.) If you thought the arrest of the two men who lynched Ahmaud Arbery was enough… the end… then you need to stop RIGHT HERE and move on to other things. My lament continues.

There are things to still talk about. Things we, as whites, need to do. I will not argue with you over the phrase “black lives matter” or other supposed issues from that phrase or protests in that time period. I am here to lament and try to persuade my white brothers and sisters to keep moving forward for Ahmaud Arbery. If this is not for you… move on.

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Injustice in the time of coronavirus

A couple of days in lament isn’t going to cool me off when it comes to injustice. SOOOO… here is your warning.

I will keep going on matters of racism and injustice for a bit. It is out of lament. It is out of a deep hunger to get our souls bared before the Righteous Judge… and maybe get us into action.

You have been warned. I will let you know when it’s safe to come back in the water.

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