Injustice in the time of coronavirus

A couple of days in lament isn’t going to cool me off when it comes to injustice. SOOOO… here is your warning.

I will keep going on matters of racism and injustice for a bit. It is out of lament. It is out of a deep hunger to get our souls bared before the Righteous Judge… and maybe get us into action.

You have been warned. I will let you know when it’s safe to come back in the water.


The men responsible for the lynching of Ahmaud Arbery were arrested late on May 7. For too many white Christians, this will be the end of the matter. There will be a sigh of relief and on we go to the next sign of the mark of the beast concerning “government overreach” or some sign of the mark of the beast in the coronavirus vaccine…


What is needed is a relentless pursuit of justice. Do NOT stop paying attention. Don’t look for dirt on Ahmaud Arbery. Look for what the State of Georgia is doing in the prosecution of this case. This isn’t about May 7… this is about December 7… or January 7 of next year… when the trial may still be delayed or other motions to dismiss have been filed or the State of Georgia just quits on it.

Relentless pursuit is needed.

Not just for Ahmaud Arbery. This is for every young black man who just wants to go through life without being questioned as to why he’s in a particular neighborhood or driving down a particular street.

Relentless pursuit of dismantling our prejudiced views of young black men needs to take place.

We must interrogate and dismantle the narratives of Black criminality that give people the overweening confidence to go out and murder a man because they think he fits a description. We must assure the endangered brothers and sisters in our midst that we are members of one another. If we have truly been joined to Christ by the Holy Spirit, then when one of us suffers, the whole Body suffers. (Malcolm Foley. More HERE.)

Our tragic position as believers is that all too often we don’t keep after a matter. We need to stay vigilant. We need to stay in pursuit. We need to stay aware.

And we don’t do this for us. We do it for our brothers and sisters of color. This matters to them. It needs to matter to US.

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