Self examination in the time of coronavirus

Our New Testament reading for this past Sunday was from Ephesians 5:1-14. I have found this passage to be fundamental in my life. It is a passage that calls me to prayerfully self-examine my spiritual walk.

I can also tell the meaning of the passage by the way I have left a trail of notes in my Olive Tree app in those verses over the years. (It dates the original note so I can see how long ago I put a certain note in a verse.)

This passage is essential.

The key, I have found, is this:

“…find out what pleases the Lord.” (v. 10)

Expose the darkness. Deal with the sinful nature of the flesh. Yes.

But to toss something out means to put something in. That “putting in” is the joy of the journey: find out what pleases the Lord.

Make it your life goal.

In this time of quarantine I am called to prayer… and, yes, a prayer of self-examination. It is also a time of renewal. It is to recalibrate and say, “YES! I want to pursue my Savior!”

Don’t waste this opportunity in the time of the coronavirus.

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