Justice — the longing of the human race

Read Matthew 25:31-46

Some thoughts from NT Wright:

Justice is one of the most profound longings of the human race. If there is no justice, then deep within ourselves we know that something is out of joint. Justice is hard to define and harder still to put into practice; but that has never stopped human beings and societies seeking it, praying for it, and working to find ways of doing it better. And ‘justice’ doesn’t simply mean ‘punishing wickedness’, though that is regularly involved. It means bringing the world back into balance.

Wright, T. (2004). Matthew for Everyone, Part 2: Chapters 16-28 (p. 141). London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

Justice can’t be tossed aside lightly by snidely saying, “Oh, you mean social justice.” I pray for the day with all Christians will realize that justice doesn’t have “social” in front of it.

Justice is a GOSPEL issue.

shadows on brown wall
National Memorial for Peace and Justice
Photo Credit: Mitchell Griest

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