The sound of grief

There is a podcast I listen to on a fairly regular basis called “Pass the Mic.” It’s two younger black Christians, one working on his PhD in history and the other a pastor of a church, who reflect on theology and the issues around Black Christians in American society.

This particular episode is a powerful example of community lament. At about the 13:05 mark they get into the discussion surrounding the shooting of Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s not as much discussion as it is lament. It is raw, emotional, moving… and all the things lament can be in a public setting. It’s not about agreement or disagreement of any “facts of the case.” It is the raw emotion of what it feels like in this moment as an African American in America.

Public lament is raw and when you’re the “observer”, it’s not always comfortable. But I am convinced it is necessary, helpful, and cleansing.

We need to hear this cry, this grief. We need to weep in this season when our brothers and sisters in Christ are weeping.

I invite you to listen to this sound of grief.

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