Praying the Great Litany — Confession

I have much to learn about the Book of Common Prayer as an Anglican. One great help I have found in my prayer life is the Great Litany. It helps order my prayers on a daily basis.

One area of prayer that is always there, and it’s just about every service of worship that I’ve notice thus far as an Anglican, is prayers concerning repentance. The Great Litany is no exception.

One particular line catches me every time:

From all disordered and sinful affections; and from all the deceits of the world, the flesh, and the devil,
Good Lord, deliver us.

Disordered affections. That phrase catches me. We are not “banned” from affections. We just don’t know proper affections at times. Take “beauty” as an example. Disordered affections of “beauty” can lead to all kinds of issues with temptation.

“Desire” is another place where we can have good desires… and disordered affections. The desire to provide for your family is a good affection. The desire to pile up money because you can build a bigger barn (to use the parable in the gospels) is a disordered affection.

It is not my affections that are bad. It is when I allow other sources to tell me my affections. The Kingdom of God is about abundance and goodness. When my affections are on Christ, I find passions and desires and affections that are amazing.

Lord, deliver me from the disorder and confusion of this world and the enemy. My affections set on you will open up the true abundance of the Kingdom I so desperately want at the deepest level of my soul! Amen.

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