Court prophets and wilderness prophets

There are too many paragraphs to highlight in this powerful column. But this one is a good one to point out:

If white Christians wish to stand on the bridge with brothers and sisters of other colors and backgrounds, they need to stand with them first in the foxhole. We should all stand so close that attacks on “them” are attacks on “us,” until there is no longer a distinction between “them” and “us” remaining. If we abandon our sister in the foxhole, we cannot expect her to attend our potluck.

The rest of the column is HERE.

I went with the above paragraph to quote because it is one I need in my own life. I have worked harder to be bolder on the issue of racism. It’s still a work in progress and I need to be confronted with how many times I’ve wanted to stand on the bridge and not sit in that foxhole.

Our president saying racist things does indeed bother me. What bothers me MORE is the conservative white evangelical community continuously doubling down on the support for this man and trying to defend even racist comments and policies. For whatever reasons, I have not said that enough. I know I’ve said it and every time I’ve said it, some folks let me know. Others just stay silent. Most stay silent. All the time.

But for me, I can’t stay silent. I can’t stay on the bridge alone. The last year has been an invitation to the foxhole in my life and ministry and I’ve cherished that work. I am so deeply grateful for this call.

As a country we have walked a long path to racial justice, but we still haven’t figured it out. We have to keep working and walking. But for the Church… this is my greatest heartbreak. When we’ve had the chance to lead the way in justice, as evangelicals, we have chosen the partisan route and punted. I’m tired of punting.

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