The future of the American Church

You might remember “Veggie Tales.” Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales) has a podcast he’s been doing for several years with Skye Jethani and Christian Taylor. It’s now called the Holy Post Podcast and I look forward to it every week. Phil is the funny man and for the first half of the show he cuts it up with Skye and Christian while also discussing hard issues in American Christianity.

Skye takes the second half of the show (generally) and has interviews with people hitting on different topics. These are far more serious and well worth the time to listen.

The latest two podcasts (Episodes 355 and 356) feature a two-part interview between Mike Erre of the Vox Podcast and Skye. It was done for Erre’s podcast but they used the interview for the Holy Post podcast as well. Give a listen to both podcasts. (For the interview with Skye go to around minute 29 of Episode 355 and minute 37 of Episode 356 if you want to skip the part with Phil Vischer.)

Listen to Episode 355.

Listen to Episode 356.

These two episodes with Skye and Mike Erre are well worth your time. They look at the current state of the American Church and what are possible roots of our issues. THEN they get after what brings them HOPE for the Church in America and it is challenging (and wonderful) listening.

David Brooks’s column in The New York Times also speaks of possible hope for pluralistic American culture, which is what reminded me of the Holy Post podcasts. With Brooks’s column, what is more relevant to me is to apply it to American Christianity. We need a “Daniel Generation” to understand the implications of a pluralistic society and walk with confidence into this new era.

These are challenging days. As believers, we need to understand we are called to walk with confidence and joy, not fear and doom.

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