Significant moments

There are moments in time when I sense something special is happening. I had a sense of that last night.

I belong to a group called “Path to Peace” that works to bring white churches and black churches together, build relationships, and deal with issues of racism. It’s a fairly new group, but it has done some significant work in its short time span.

My joy is I come in knowing no one, so I can jump in and just meet people. One man who is the true connector for everyone and every church in our county set up a meeting with an African American pastor who had shown interest in Path to Peace. I was wanting to start a theology discussion group so black pastors and white pastors could get together and talk about common Scripture passages and how we approach those texts.

The five of us met for dinner and we had over two hours of incredible discussion. It was a significant time of beginning new relationships. We had a sense of wanting to be a part of the solution as the Church. We do this together.

It’s a long haul. We left that wonderful time knowing it was still a long haul and we still needed to get to know each other. But it was a grace-filled moment I don’t want to leave unmarked or unnoticed.

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