Is it time to quit the Church?

The past few weeks have been heavy news for the Church. For evangelicals… it’s been Willow Creek and the leadership failure of that megachurch. (Then there are those trying to cling to evangelical as “tribe” but the politics of it right now are a bad mess.)

For the Catholics, it was the grand jury findings in Pennsylvania, then another bombshell this week when Pope Francis himself was accused of hiding information on a pedophile within the Vatican.

The Church is a mess. It’s always been that way. It’s what happens when you add humans.

Some are ready to call it quits.

Some, like Ross Douthat (a devout Catholic, “disliker” of Pope Francis, and a New York Times columnist) are not ready to give up at all.

In this mess is still a Savior who looks at the Church and calls it his bride.

What should happen? Repentance. It would be an amazing thing for the Pope and other church leaders in their respective places to call for a week of fasting and repentance.

God is indeed cleansing his church, even if we don’t like to recognize it. It needs to happen. This isn’t a time for quitting for me. It is a time of repentance and renewal. May the Lord have mercy on us!



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