How NOT to have a healing ministry

I am walking my way through the Gospel of John and there are times I find passages I’m familiar with a bit humorous. John 5 is one of them.

Jesus heals the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda. He does this all wrong.

First, he walks past a lot of sick people and doesn’t heal them. I mean, if you’re going to raise brand awareness, healing more than one is helpful, am I right?

Then, he picks a guy who whines. He asks the guy if he wants to be healed and this guy gripes about getting beat to the pool. If I’m only going to heal one guy, I’m going to make sure he is enthusiastic about it!

He heals the guy anyway, but here is the kicker: NO SELFIE. He doesn’t even tell the guy his name! He doesn’t walk out with the guy, arm in arm, yelling, “Hey y’all! Healing right here!”

No, Jesus ducks out the side door. And, may I note, doesn’t heal anyone else in a room full of sick people.

No ability to brand. No ability to do some real marketing. Can’t even leave a card so when the guy gets questioned about the healing he could at least remember “JESUS.”

Totally wrong for our age. No stage. No big music. No waving coats. Just… one guy… and you forget to leave your name. It’s amazing Jesus got anywhere in ministry!


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