Trust and abide

Readings for today included Exodus 15 and John 15. Both are calling us to radically trust the Lord. 

In Exodus 15, Israel had just been delivered from the most powerful army in the world and somehow they get into the delusion that God brought them out there to starve them and have them die of thirst.

God had called Israel out of Egypt to abide with them.

In John 15 we have the great call to abide in Christ, bear much fruit, and in knowing him… ask what for what is needed.

We complicate it by trying to determine in our own context what “fruit” is… or quantify what “abide” looks like… and on and on.

God gives Israel a great invitation. He gives us a great invitation. Israel complained. We try to quantify.

God is simply looking for people with whom he can communicate, love on, and abide with!

For Israel, God delivered them from the most powerful army in the world and somehow they couldn’t understand the great invitation.

For us, Christ is resurrected King… and somehow we’re suspicious of his great invitation to simply abide with him. We keep asking, “What’s the catch?”

Dear Lord, your invitation is great. Yet, we hesitate. We have to somehow quantify what all this means so we can use our standard of measure to know if we “succeed.” Deliver us from our methods and measures! Let us take up the great invitation to dwell in your presence, hear your word, and walk in your way. Amen. 


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