Reading for today:

Psalm 107; Ex. 2:1-22; 1Cor. 12:27-13:3; Mark 9:14-29

One of the powerful principles drawn from the Beatitudes is this: no one is beyond Kingdom blessing.

We don’t know how God may even work IN our current situations!

In reading the Exodus passage today I came across this note I had jotted down:

What are the plans God has for you? What are the ways God works to set up his plan to deliver his people?

God promises Abraham a great nation, and then builds that great nation as slaves in Egypt.

He wants to then get Israel into their land of promise, so he arranges to have their future leader educated by the finest minds of that time… in Egypt… by oppressing the Israelites and making sure Moses is secured inside the king’s household!

We simply cannot predict how God is going to get his will accomplished. He will use means that seem “unjust” to us. He will not wait for our minds to catch up! He works in the situation given and then keeps advancing his kingdom.

Slavery is unjust, yet God uses it to prepare the next leader for Israel. Infanticide is unjust, but God uses it to raise up Israel’s next leader.

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