Love without pretense

Reading for Saturday:

Psalm 102, 108, 33
Ex. 2:23-3:15
1 Cor. 13:1-13
Mark 9:14-29

Reading for Sunday:

Psalm 118, 145
Ex. 3:16-4:12
Rom. 12:1-12
John 8:46-59

Thoughts from Mark 9:

The disciples rested on yesterday’s anointing. They had been out “in the field” seeing powerful things happening. They had participated in those powerful events. So, what is so “big” about this father’s request to heal his demon-possessed son?

Except… they couldn’t that time.

Jesus rebukes them and says, “This kind doesn’t come out except by prayer.” (Later manuscripts would add “and fasting.”)

Jesus is saying, “Guys, this isn’t a game. This isn’t a formula. This is war. Prayer is your vehicle of war. Stay in prayer.”

Don’t rest on yesterday’s anointing. Fresh oil is available for today. PRAY.

Thoughts from Romans 12:9:

True love is free from pretense and hypocrisy. True love also will not tolerate evil. We know true love when we are glued to Christ (cling to what is good). We have far too high a toleration of evil in our lives and think we’re doing it “in the name of love.” If that is our mantra, we don’t know what it is to cling to Christ.

We too often are hindered in our journey to Christlikeness because we think we are doing something “in love” when all we are doing is tolerating evil. We are called to have Christ as our vision. All else doesn’t belong in our sight lines.

Don’t hesitate to be enthusiastic—be on fire in the Spirit as you serve the Lord! (v. 11, CEB)

Pray for the fresh anointing of the Spirit today. Ask the Spirit to keep Christ full in your vision.

flame of fire
Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash

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