White Evangelicals in America and the Reckoning We Need

We are still stumbling badly in our witness as American conservative Christians. This past year has left many, including me, wondering about the label “evangelical.”

What do we do in the midst of this exposure of American Cultural Christianity? Historian John Fea calls those who are bound up in this political Christianity “Court Evangelicals.”

This week saw the biggest clash yet over voting “straight Republican” and being faced with hard decisions. Part of our problem is we don’t face hard decisions well. We default to our cultural Christianity.

This has been exposed yet again and we, as conservative Christians, are found wanting. Here is the biggest problem: we are still not willing to admit it.

As many cultural conservative Christians continue to dwell in the state of denial, it is not going unnoticed.

We are failing our African American brothers and sisters in Christ as Jemar Tisby continues to point out.

As Mark Galli of Christianity Today points out, the biggest losers in the Alabama special election will be evangelical Christians.

Others are starting to take stock as well. 

For far too many of you, this is yet another post (in your view) of me being #NeverTrump. I can’t say this clearly enough: you are STILL missing the point.

This isn’t about Trump. This is about US. This is about the decline of Christianity in America that has left us with nothing more than cultural Christianity. This is the stuff we poke fun of in other cultures. We make light of “Russian Orthodox” Christians because they are so cultural.

What we’ve failed to understand is this: we have a plank in our own eye and we’re trying to get the speck out of someone else’s eye.

Over a year ago I taught a series on cultural Christianity called “Living in Babylon.” Even I didn’t know how deep this problem was, but I tried to deal with the problem I was witnessing at the time. Even as I make a weak attempt to do so again, I know I will still be seen as some traitor to the cause.

But I am finished with leaving my African American brothers and sisters hanging. I am finished with leaving women in a place of shame where they felt they could not speak up. With Hollywood, the media, and now (FINALLY) Congress be exposed (so to speak), do you think the Church is exempt?

Friends… one more time… I beg each of us to reflect on just how cultural our Christianity has become. I beg each of us to repent of the massive error we have made, especially in the last 11 months when we have STILL remained silent when our idiocy keeps getting exposed! I beg each of us to return to the passionate love of Christ. In that passionate love, we may yet again find our true prophetic voice.



2 thoughts on “White Evangelicals in America and the Reckoning We Need

    1. We are willing to set up a new tribalism, both on the “right” and “left.” The tribalism has become far more important than ANYTHING else.

      It is statistically demonstrated that under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama abortions actually went DOWN in number. But evangelicals REFUSE to vote Democrat because of abortion.

      The “left” has its own issues as well. I know people here in MN who are incredibly willing to give Franken a pass because he “stands up for the rights of women” in his voting… but he degrades women with his actions. Bill Clinton… same way.

      We are tribal in our culture right now.

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