Notes from the wilderness

I am working my way through Ezekiel as the Lord stirs in my heart more about “Living in Babylon.” This was a sermon series I did in 2016, but I left a lot unexplored. The Lord is bringing this back around to me and in this season as I form extended thoughts on this subject, I am being drawn to the vivid imagination of Ezekiel. (Thank you, Eugene Peterson.) Continue reading “Notes from the wilderness”

The prophetic voice of Frederick Douglass

While America is printing tracts and bibles; sending missionaries abroad to convert the heathen; expending her money in various ways for the promotion of the gospel in foreign lands—the slave not only lies forgotten, uncared for, but is trampled underfoot by the very churches of the land. What have we in America? Continue reading “The prophetic voice of Frederick Douglass”

Return our prophetic voice, O Lord

Our way forward as the Church is to take up the prophetic mantle once again. We need to stand for Kingdom goodness and rightness. It may make us sound like Democrats at times, Republicans at others. We need to learn to BLESS. We need to learn the models of Joseph, Daniel, and Esther.
We need to live in prophetic power again. We’ve not needed to before, but here we are.