Racism and equivocation

After the horrible events in Charlottesville, VA, over the weekend, we are showing once again as a country that we are horrible at talking about racism. Even in the church.

I am proud of so many pastors who stepped up and called evil out and didn’t equivocate by saying, “Well, then are those on the ‘other side’.” Call out evil and leave it. Period.

And that is exactly what we’ve failed to do since this weekend. There are egregious examples all over the place, but let me give one shining example and explain my view on equivocation.

An article I read had an excerpt from a dialogue between Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer on FoxNews last night.

This was Laura Ingraham’s sick statement:

“We have to be honest about the evil of racism and the evil of a far left that is trying to tear down both history and intimidate free speech in the country.”

That is equivocation. You can’t just leave one side of the statement and stop talking. You have to somehow point out that the other side is wrong as well.

So, let’s review: evil is racism. Period. Those on the left (or right) who want to whitewash history in some way (and I don’t refer here to removing Confederate statues specifically, but other issues that are far more harmful to remembering our past, warts and all) are simply foolish.

Again: the first part of Ingraham’s statement is correct. The second part is wrong. It is not about “evil” and “evil.” It is about “evil” and “foolishness.” Big difference.

Class dismissed.

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