The power of the cross — The Revolution

I am not quite sure I am “wrapping up” N.T. Wright’s book, but here are some incredible thoughts he has regarding the mission of the Church:

This is how it works. The Messiah suffered and won the victory over the powers of evil. The church, the Messiah’s people, must suffer in the present, because they share the Messiah’s life, his raised-from-the-dead life, and this is the way to implement the Messiah’s victory.

It is through suffering we find victory.

And this:

But suffering, nevertheless, is still the means by which the work goes forward.

He demonstrates this through 1 Peter, and then Revelation.

And one final thought for now:

Did we really imagine that, while Jesus would win his victory by suffering, self-giving love, we would implement that same victory by arrogant, self-aggrandizing force of arms?

Do we really think, “Jesus took the way of the cross, so you get to skate in life”? Really? Find THAT in the New Testament.

There is a revolution. It is the cross. And the first evidence is the resurrection. The work goes on… and it is through the cross.


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