Jesus didn’t die for my sins

If there is anything that N.T. Wright teaches me, it’s we desperately want to reduce our theological frameworks into nice, neat sentences… catchy tweets, etc.,… but it is impossible to do. We need to break ourselves of those nice neat habits. That is simply not helpful in understanding why Jesus died

So… we often say, “Jesus died for my sins.” It’s simple. It’s neat. It fits in a tweet. On we go.

Quite simply, I could break all kinds of copyright laws and post paragraphs from Wright’s book, The Day the Revolution Began, and try to “sum up” what he is trying to say. First, it’s illegal. Second, I’m bad at summarizing Wright’s work. Third, get the book and read it!

But let this snippet sum up the title of my post:

… humans are rescued not so they can “go to heaven,” but so that “the right and proper verdict of the law could be fulfilled in us, as we live not according to the flesh but according to the spirit.” Humans are rescued in order to be “glorified,” that is, so that they may resume the genuine human experience, bearing the divine image, reflecting God’s wisdom and love into the world.

We have an entire Bible for a reason. It’s not so we can develop a “Cliff Notes” theology and just “sum up” things so I don’t have to read the “boring” parts. We have an entire Bible because the entire narrative is critical to understand why Jesus died, what sin really is, and to free ourselves from bumper sticker theology!

Jesus didn’t die for my sins. This is much bigger. And I’m so blown away by the thought.


2 thoughts on “Jesus didn’t die for my sins

  1. The headline is “MY” sins… not “OUR” sins. Also, it is PLURAL… sins… and all of it is to demonstrate how narrow our view of the cross and the work of Christ has become. Wright wouldn’t deny that is PART of the work of Christ on the cross. Yet, the work of the cross is FAR MORE. The headline is just a teaser. The invitation is to grasp the biblical narrative more fully and realize our theology has been too small.

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