Losing sight of the power of the cross

The charges are severe (from NT Wright’s book, The Day The Revolution Began):

We have Platonized our eschatology (substituting “souls going to heaven” for the promised new creation) and have therefore moralized our anthropology (substituting a qualifying examination of moral performance for the biblical notion of the human vocation), with the result that we have paganized our soteriology, our understanding of “salvation” (substituting the idea of “God killing Jesus to satisfy his wrath” for the genuinely biblical notions we are about to explore).

Our failure to understand the entire story may be drawn from our lack of understanding when it comes to the Old Testament. We then categorize “sin” into the lists and behaviors when sin is ultimately the human failure to be image-bearers of God. We are allowing our worship to be taken elsewhere. We substituted the creation for the Creator.

We have limited “forgiveness of sins” to a list we can name instead of realizing that what happened on the cross that Friday afternoon was liberation. It was the new exodus. We have a much higher calling than “getting saved to go to heaven.” We’ve just had it buried for a very long time.

This book is a MUST READ, friends.


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