So you voted for…

Not that anything could be taken back…

As believers, let us RISE UP to the opportunity before us.

It is to pray for the transition and ask God’s best for what is ahead for our nation’s leadership.

It is to pray for the nation that we move forward together. And in doing so, it is also…


Listen to each other. Don’t dismiss fear by saying inane things like, “Well, I didn’t vote for Trump because he said that…” or, “Trump didn’t say that…” or, “I didn’t vote for Clinton because…”

Let’s listen to each other.

When there are stories of fear, just listen.

I have had a hard time believing anything I’ve seen on Twitter or Facebook in the way of pictures, etc., but I’ve had conversations with people I know have personally dealt with racial slurs, racial graffiti, etc., in the past two days. I can launch back with, “Well, Trump didn’t do it,” or, “Well, it’s not why I voted for him,” (and I didn’t vote for him), but what I need to do instead is simply listen. Feel the hurt. Mourn with those who mourn.

Let’s get across the table with someone not like us and hear each other. We’re in this mess because we haven’t talked to each other. Let’s quit the cycle and learn from each other.

When there are legitimate concerns with those on the margins, one more thing…

Let us STAND with them. As believers, let us live out the goodness of the Kingdom of God, and that has nothing to do with who we voted for last Tuesday. Let’s live differently.

We have opportunities brilliantly disguised as challenges. Let us rise up.


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