Reminders of WHO WE ARE

This next Sunday we will be focusing on the Church in our Multiply Discipleship. When I saw we would be reading Ephesians next week, I was immediately excited because I instantly had the text to preach from, along with a strong word from the Lord about the beauty of the Church.

The Body of Christ is BEAUTIFUL. For all the beating up we like to do on the “Church” so we can get published and get lots of hits on popular angst-driven websites, the Church is the BODY of Christ and I cannot worship a detached head. Some people think they can. I think it’s a bit too Halloweenish for me.

Ephesians is powerful. Two main thoughts flow from Ephesians.

  1. Who in heaven’s name do you think you are? (Eph. 1-3)
  2. What on earth are you going to do about it? (Eph. 4-6)

We need POWERFUL reminders of who we ARE. Let’s quit playing the game of who we AREN’T, or what we’re “against.”

Here is a long list of who we are just out of Ephesians 1-3.

— Blessed with every spiritual blessing
— Chosen by God
— Adopted as sons (and in the ancient world, adoptions as “sons” was highly significant)
— BLESSED in the Beloved
— Redeemed and forgiven
— Lavished with the riches of inheritance by the Father
— We can KNOW the mystery of his will
— We have an INHERITANCE in Christ
— We are saved to the praise of HIS glory… not our own! (We get our “own glory” and we’re just too shallow. THINK HIGHER!)
— SEALED in the promise of the Spirit
— We have wisdom and revelation in the power of the Spirit
— We can know the riches of our inheritance
— We can experience his immeasurable greatness in our own lives
— We ARE the Church and all Kingdom authority is ours. 
We live in power because of these two great words: BUT GOD!
Raised up BY GOD and seated in the heavenlies with Christ
— Saved by grace
— Empowered to do good works
— Empowered to enter the Kingdom. (No more walls of separation)
— Access to the Spirit
— No longer illegals! Citizens of heaven (PLUS we can be free of feeling like we have to EXCLUDE other “illegals”)
— Our foundation is sure
— Our calling is to be a holy Temple
— Fellow heirs with Christ
— Know the unsearchable riches in Christ
— When we live in power, the manifold wisdom of God is sending a message to ALL enemies
— Strengthened by the Spirit
— Rooted and grounded in love
— We can know the absolute fullness of God’s crazy love for us
— We realize we don’t ask boldly enough!

And THAT is just in the first three chapters!

Friends, realize who you are!

Be released from what you think you are “not,” or what you think you don’t “have,” or what you can’t “do.” Live in FREEDOM!

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