6 minute prayer challenge

This morning I woke up far too early. When that happens, I know my challenge is to prayer. It’s more of an invitation, really. It’s a challenge to meet the invitation!

I have taken up the invitation and think of part of this time as my 6 minute prayer challenge. On some mornings where I don’t have time to drink a big amount of brewed coffee, I will use my stove top espresso maker to make a couple of couples of espresso or an Americano. It takes about 6 minutes.

In that 6 minutes I will take up a bold prayer, or my whole bold prayer list, and concentrate on the audacious requests.

This morning it was revival for North Central University, where I teach part time. It has been a challenge from the Lord for several months and he woke me up early this morning to remind me of that challenge.

In the short bursts of opportunity, I can’t look at them as inconvenient times any more. I need to see them as invitations in the Spirit to rise to a challenge.

What can we do with 6 minutes of concentrated prayer?

2015-10-12 03.34.39

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