Favorite passages

If there is any passage I could wear out in any physical Bible, it would be (and is, by the way I look in different translations and see I’ve already been there and marked it up incessantly) Ex. 33:13-23.

Almost every day I have a prayer: Seek the favor of God.

Moses leads the way for me. He constantly longs for the favor of God. He asks for his very presence. He asks what no one else has asked for as a leader. God grants as fully as possible what Moses can take. Why? Because Moses won’t give up. 

His life is intercession.

Yet, while I pray that request with some frequency, I find that while I mark up that passage with regularity, and visit it often… I am not in the same category with Moses. I like the thought of the glory of God… but not enough to sit there and wait for God to move!

I am impatient. I am lazy. I am distracted.

Moses cries out, “Teach me your ways!” and then has the wisdom to actually sit and wait for the instruction. I too often cry out the same request, then slam my Bible shut and race off to the next thing.

Lord, forgive my presumption. Forgive my false starts. Forgive my lazy questions and request. Grant me the heart of Moses. Grant me the tenacity of a man who had learned through time that God isn’t in any hurry, so why should he be rushed? Lord, when I ask, “Teach me your ways,” may I then sit and wait for some instruction!

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