The intolerance of “tolerance”

Europe is becoming a “NO GOD” zone.

I am not advocating for our American version of “wearing your faith on your sleeve”… or bumper sticker… or T Shirt.

I have been advocating for simple awareness in our lives as believers that we truly need to function in a different way than before. We need to learn what it is to be the “minority report.” We need the prophetic voice of Christianity… the prophetic lifestyle of Christianity… once again.

It is interesting, as always, that while secularists lash out against “religious extremism” and deem themselves “tolerant,” this article points out it is the secularists driving this movement. Even moderate religious people can’t be tolerated in their world.

How much longer will believers dare to stand up and be counted? Soon Europe, even London, the much-vaunted bastion of multiculturalism, will become No God Zones, banning any public display of religiosity. ‘For your own good’, the authorities will tell their pious citizens, “you must carry out your ancient rituals in secret. We cannot vouch for your safety otherwise.” Believers will have to hide their precious religious symbols, and conceal their rites. Like the early Christians in the catacombs, they will lead lives in the shadow.

People were on the “I am Charlie” bandwagon, when the “newspaper” declared they didn’t want religious people mourning their loss. They didn’t want the bells of Notre Dame ringing as a sign of mourning.

We need to walk with Christ. We don’t walk with Christ because it is easy. We don’t walk with Christ because it is favorable. We walk with Christ because he bid us come and follow and we obeyed. We need that fundamental understanding in our lives again. It is about allegiance. This world should not understand our true allegiance to the Kingdom of God. It does not make sense to them. Our trouble is that as Western Christians we haven’t understood allegiance, either. We’ve lived under assumptions that simply don’t hold up any more.

Jesus walked with the realization of what was truly in the hearts of many people. We need that realization to sober us up from time to time.

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19)

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