The shootings in Oregon have rumors swirling. Did the shooter target Christians? The media… oh, the oh so accurate media that always want to make sure they get it right… urges “caution.” (Meanwhile, at a county clerk’s desk in Kentucky…) In our current cultural war mode, it may “play well” to see the hashtag campaign rage on.Continue reading “#IamaChristian”

Help us care. Help us pray!

More persecution. How we need to lift up the Body of Christ in prayer! Bishop Angaelos, the general bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, underscored the Ethiopians’ testimony. “Once again we see innocent Christians murdered purely for refusing to renounce their faith,” he said in a statement. “As Christians, we remainContinue reading “Help us care. Help us pray!”

Where is the outcry

I understand the world, the media, etc., just won’t give the coverage to what is happening all over the world to Christians. True suffering.  But, it is there, and we need to see it. Lord, hear our prayers! The Pope addressed it in his Easter message. “Today we see our brothers persecuted, decapitated, crucified for theirContinue reading “Where is the outcry”

The intolerant look for any excuse

NIAMEY, Niger — The Niger government says at least 45 churches have been set on fire in this predominantly Muslim West African nation in protests over French cartoons lampooning Islam’s prophet. In a statement issued Monday, the government also declared three days of national mourning for the 10 people who died amid the violent protestsContinue reading “The intolerant look for any excuse”

The intolerance of the intolerant

The rise of persecution continues. Any excuse will do. From the Assemblies of God New Service: We have received reports from AG missionaries in Niger that, in spreading violence related to the attacks in Paris, Muslim extremists attacked and burned four AG churches and one parsonage in the town of Niamey and an AG churchContinue reading “The intolerance of the intolerant”

The intolerance of “tolerance”

Europe is becoming a “NO GOD” zone. I am not advocating for our American version of “wearing your faith on your sleeve”… or bumper sticker… or T Shirt. I have been advocating for simple awareness in our lives as believers that we truly need to function in a different way than before. We need toContinue reading “The intolerance of “tolerance””