The All White Oscars

I love headlines. I love inventing headlines. They are awesome. You know why? Because when you write a good headline, it’s often the ONLY thing most people will read. 

They will riff off that headline like crazy. This headline alone will create responses that will be pure gold for me to read.

Because that’s not what this is about. While it may be an “issue” and we can then listen to Hollywood talk about how “they are Charlie Hebdo”, too (from the comfort of their mansions and the Beverly Hills Hilton), ALL of that pales to the under-reported horror still happening in Nigeria. Boko Haram is destroying villages. Thousands are possibly dead in this latest onslaught.

My heart breaks for the people of this region. I’d sure love Al Sharpton to say something more about THAT plight. I’d love for ANYONE to say more about the plight of these people…

May I be found in prayer over this slaughter, simply calling out to God.

2 thoughts on “The All White Oscars

  1. I don’t understand your point. Are you saying, only the most horrendous events in the world should be reported/commented on? Is there some underlying message we are to decipher? I agree that headlines, by and large, are sensationalist and designed to attract readers/advertising dollars (duh). The real issue, which you will find written about in most of the articles beneath the “Whites Only Oscars” headlines, is that the Academy membership- about 90 percent white, 87 per cent over age 50, and 70 percent male- does not reflect the demographic of the movie-going public (though it does reflect the makeup of the majority of corporate and legislative seats of power in our country). That’s simply a fact, and only time will tell if that will change, and if a change would make any difference in who’s nominated. BTW, speaking of newsworthy issues, like Nigeria, have you seen Selma?

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