Question of the day — A sustained “move of God”

My study in the life of Moses (looking at his prayer life) takes me to Numbers 10. It is Israel just before they are “ready” to move toward the Promised Land. They are truly people of the presence. When the cloud moves, they follow. When the cloud stops, they camp. The feasts are in place. Israel is paying attention.

Of course, we then get Numbers 11. It unravels in a hurry.

As I think on how long it takes for Israel to “get it back” (and I think that comes under the early years of Solomon and doesn’t last very long), it may be from Numbers 10 to Acts 2 there just isn’t a time when there is a sustained following. Not like Numbers 10.

I know individuals who are truly “people of the presence” and I suppose we could look at revival moments like Azusa Street as “sustained movements,” but I am pondering SUSTAINED movements. Not individuals. Not revival moments. A generation. A movement. Over time.

Can we see a sustained movement where the people of God are truly “people of the Presence?”

One thought on “Question of the day — A sustained “move of God”

  1. What would happen if there was a generation called to pray and did so for an entire generation? Can that generation be mine and start with me? Feeling the burden to pray and pray hard. God’s up to something.

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