A fresh touch

Sometimes it’s the weariness of allowing too much in. My thinking gets clouded.

Mostly, it is not being as much in the presence of God as I need.

There are those wonderful times when someone says a prayer, gives an encouraging word, and then clarity returns.

The discipline is then to listen to the voice of the Spirit and make sure my hearing isn’t diminished by superfluous arguments.

There is a shift coming. A major shift. The Spirit is preparing us as a church. THIS is where we dwell. Our eyes on HIM. Our ears open. And when that shift occurs, it will be such a refreshing touch from God. I long for that shift… and I long for so many others to BE HERE when it happens!

Spirit… COME!

2 thoughts on “A fresh touch

  1. I you see a major shift coming that will require us to be people and pastors of God’s presence. The outside noise is loud. Quiet my spirit.

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