Where Was the Church?

Sobering questions from the latest news out of the Middle East.

The saddest audience question was from a young man who I’m guessing was Egyptian-British. He asked: ‘Where was world Christianity when this happened?’

Nowhere. Watching X-Factor. Debating intersectionality. Or just too frightened of controversy to raise Muslim-on-Christian violence.

Too often the response I hear, and the one I too often give myself, is this: “Well, what CAN we do?”

I am finding that too weak in my life now.

First of all, I can pray. I am no longer saying, “All I can do is pray.”

First of all, I can pray. THAT is what the Church should do. They did it in Acts. When they were threatened, they prayed.

From there, I don’t have any more definitive answers.

But I also know when we try to raise awareness among American believers, we get less than enthusiastic responses.

Maybe we get mad at Muslims. That’s about it.

Over the years we have allowed the news to dictate to us the Middle East conflict and we see it too often as Muslim/Jew. We need to be more aware that Christians are getting completely run over in these countries and we need to step up.

Our problem here is that if we raise the level of concern on the West Bank, we could be seen as “anti-Israel.” And, God forbid, we get that albatross hung around our necks!

Then, we see other countries and simply think, “Well, that is Muslim against Muslim.”

Not always.

So, I am asking that we PRAY, and that we TALK. We work harder to get the word out about what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Let us START with prayer!

The remains of the Amir Tadros Coptic Church in Minya, southern Egypt. (VIRGINIE NGUYEN HOANG/AFP/Getty Images)

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