Why pay attention to ISIS and the Middle East?

Sometimes we can reason out the current Middle East situation with logic that says, “Let’s back away from the region and let them work it out… or battle it out.” What would be wrong with that? First of all, it’s incredibly difficult to say WHAT to do… but to do nothing has some scary consequences.Continue reading “Why pay attention to ISIS and the Middle East?”

Blessed are the peacemakers

We’re good at picking sides to determine who is “right” and who is “wrong.” And when it comes to the Middle East, we are REALLY good at it. But for people, especially Christians, IN the conflict areas, there are different prayers. It is not about praying over who is “right” or “wrong.” It is learningContinue reading “Blessed are the peacemakers”

Random Weekend Thoughts

We had a fast and furious trip to Duluth to see our son in the musical “Pippin.” As I drive I have a lot of thoughts tumble through, none of which I can remember for very long. To develop them is a lot of fun… but maybe for another time… and privately. Some thoughts alongContinue reading “Random Weekend Thoughts”

Learning to weep with those weep

I  will never have the whole Middle East thing figured out. (That will disappoint many conservative friends… and that’s just the way it is.) My heart breaks with the news I hear, the posts I read from missionaries, the posts I read from the churches in those areas. Rather than identify with those suffering, weContinue reading “Learning to weep with those weep”

The end is near! Or… A revival is coming!

Two very different takes on just how Christianity is “doing” in different parts of the world show our tendency toward tribalism. In the Middle East there are dire warnings of Christianity becoming extinct in the Middle East.  Meanwhile, Manhattan seems to be on the verge of a new revival! So, which is it? As Anthony Bradley pointsContinue reading “The end is near! Or… A revival is coming!”

Where Was the Church?

Sobering questions from the latest news out of the Middle East. The saddest audience question was from a young man who I’m guessing was Egyptian-British. He asked: ‘Where was world Christianity when this happened?’ Nowhere. Watching X-Factor. Debating intersectionality. Or just too frightened of controversy to raise Muslim-on-Christian violence. Too often the response I hear,Continue reading “Where Was the Church?”

Peace in the Middle East

I am a political person to the core. I can talk politics all day long. So… I avoid it. There are just too many other things going on, so I want to focus more on theology, spiritual formation, etc. Theologically, the whole realm of “end times theology” is a massive heap of varied opinions. So,Continue reading “Peace in the Middle East”