Why pay attention to ISIS and the Middle East?

Sometimes we can reason out the current Middle East situation with logic that says, “Let’s back away from the region and let them work it out… or battle it out.”

What would be wrong with that?

First of all, it’s incredibly difficult to say WHAT to do… but to do nothing has some scary consequences. It is not realizing the full extent of what groups like ISIS really want to do in the world.

This article lays out the severity of this group, but has this sobering paragraph that SHOULD wake us up. It talks about some “marketing” techniques ISIS is using on the web and magazines:

The cover shows a picture of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with an Islamic State black flag superimposed in place of the cross atop its obelisk. Inside it features photos of the group’s arsenal of heavy weaponry and what it says is the final letter to his mother from an American journalist the group beheaded.

Again, the thought of what TO do is daunting. What is clear, though, should be the thought we should NOT keep our heads buried in the sand on this. We need to pay attention to a part of the world that doesn’t include the United States or the latest celebrity goof ups.

Let us be aware. Let us then be in prayer. We may not know what to do, but we can talk with One who is fully aware and can give us insight that we desperately need.

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