Conviction Wasn’t Always a Bad Word

2 Kings 22

Josiah heard the Book of the Law read and then tore his clothes. He was broken. He allowed the words of the Lord to tear into his heart.

He didn’t sit stroking his chin and contemplating the words. “Well, should I obey or not?”

His heart was shredded.

We work so hard to make sure we don’t feel guilty about anything anymore. We don’t want to feel “bad.” Medication works. Feel bad? Take a pill. See a therapist. You need to get over feeling bad.

There are times we shouldn’t “get over it.” We should feel the pain of disobeying God, and it should cause more than just a moment of contemplation.

“Conviction” wasn’t always a “bad” word. We’ve made it that way today, and I don’t think we’re really that better for it.


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