Holding onto dreams past the expiration date

When Hezekiah cleaned out the temple, one of the things cleaned out was the bronze serpent used by Moses in the Book of Numbers. When the serpents were attacking the Israelites, Moses was instructed to make a bronze serpent and hold it up. When the Israelites looked to the bronze serpent, they would be savedContinue reading “Holding onto dreams past the expiration date”

The COST of Revival

I talked earlier about why we don’t want a move of God. It’s about the JUNK. Josiah wanted a move of God again. He wanted the favor of God, and that meant clearing out the temple, then repairing the temple. It meant getting rid of the shrines all over the country, and the priests attached to those shrines. The longer youContinue reading “The COST of Revival”

Great Followers of God Still Get It Wrong

Hezekiah was one who followed God to a greater degree than most kings before him. His story begins in 2 Kings 18. He not only follows God and does what is right, but he tears down the high places. He finally got rid of the bronze serpent Moses had used in the wilderness. There isContinue reading “Great Followers of God Still Get It Wrong”

Conviction Wasn’t Always a Bad Word

2 Kings 22 Josiah heard the Book of the Law read and then tore his clothes. He was broken. He allowed the words of the Lord to tear into his heart. He didn’t sit stroking his chin and contemplating the words. “Well, should I obey or not?” His heart was shredded. We work so hardContinue reading “Conviction Wasn’t Always a Bad Word”

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Fed Up

Good kings were rare in Judah. They were non-existent in the northern kingdom of Israel. 2 Kings 18 begins the story of Hezekiah. He is not the first righteous king, but he takes serving the Lord to another level. When good kings followed God, they usually left the “high places.” They didn’t tear down everything thatContinue reading “Sometimes You Just Need to Get Fed Up”

Living in the Current Anointing of God

In reading through the story of Elisha I am struck by the ease with which Elisha moves in each situation. The miraculous pours from him. He has not looked back since he struck the Jordan River with Elijah’s cloak. There is almost the mundane situation of having the stew taste funny and he knew whatContinue reading “Living in the Current Anointing of God”

Where is the God of Elijah?

Elisha asks this question as he comes back to the Jordan after witnessing Elijah being taken to heaven. He has the mantle of Elijah and he has asked for the firstborn’s inheritance: a double portion. He cries out, “Where is the God of Elijah?” and strikes the water. The Jordan parts again. As I readContinue reading “Where is the God of Elijah?”