The COST of Revival

I talked earlier about why we don’t want a move of God. It’s about the JUNK. Josiah wanted a move of God again. He wanted the favor of God, and that meant clearing out the temple, then repairing the temple. It meant getting rid of the shrines all over the country, and the priests attached to those shrines. The longer youContinue reading “The COST of Revival”

Conviction Wasn’t Always a Bad Word

2 Kings 22 Josiah heard the Book of the Law read and then tore his clothes. He was broken. He allowed the words of the Lord to tear into his heart. He didn’t sit stroking his chin and contemplating the words. “Well, should I obey or not?” His heart was shredded. We work so hardContinue reading “Conviction Wasn’t Always a Bad Word”

Why We Don’t Want Another Move of God

Call it revival, call it a “fresh outpouring,” call it a new move of God…  What we generally want these days is the benefits of that move without the costs of that move.  In the stories of Hezekiah and Josiah, the costs of a move of God aren’t just in prayer. If it was time in prayer, we would think aboutContinue reading “Why We Don’t Want Another Move of God”