Book Review — Ride On by Joseph Fehlen

This is a LONG overdue review of a book sent to me by friend Joseph, who, by the way, looks a LOT like Seth Rogen, which is extremely unfortunate. Joe is a MUCH better man to know.

Ride On is his journey into the world of motorcycles. Joe and his wife have a family, a church, and live in northern Wisconsin. Nothing about the guy screams, “MOTORCYCLE!”

When he was pastoring in Washington state he got the bug and they have learned a lot of life lessons since that time.

First of all, Joe is a good writer. This is a great read. I am not a motorcyclist (is that even what they are called?) nor do I aspire to be one after reading this book. (My wife will rejoice.) But this is an enjoyable read.

Joe takes life lessons from his motorcycle education. He sees the work of God in the lessons he learns from the rode and a whole set of new friends he probably dreamed he would never have.

The chapter I resonated with the most was talking about having too much stuff. With the motorcycle he has learned to pare it down. He has learned how to think about the journey and not just throw everything he thinks he might need in the back of the car. This is a challenge in my life as well. I have tried to answer that question in my own way by taking the bus more and riding my bike. (I’m still not getting a motorcycle.)

The biblical stories he weaves in are wonderful and fit right into his own storytelling.

This isn’t for motorcycle enthusiasts alone. Believe me. It is a great read.

Father’s Day is on us. Think about this book for the man in your life.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Joe is my friend and he gave me this book. I am not obligated to write a positive review on this book (and he probably thinks I didn’t like it since I took so long getting to this.)

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